Gallery - 44 photos

On this page, I've collected some of the photos that are my personal favorites. If you have any questions about any of them, either about location, technique, equipment or anything, please let me know in the comments section below.

For the sake of family and work friendly browsing, the artistic nudes are being kept in their own gallery.


This photo ended up in a lifestyle magazine in the US, which had a bow&arrow theme edition.


A ship sailing out on Isfjorden towards some pretty spectacular weather.


This one I shot from our kitchen, with the window open. Snow was blowing in through the window. Still better than being outside.


Fredrik joined me this fine morning, and we set out to capture the sunrise together. Walking in the soft sand in his bare feet is his favourite mode of transportation on Gran Canaria.


Closeup of Roque Bentayga. The landmass on the horizon is Tenerife.


Getting ever closer to sunset. The mist is getting thicker and the shadows longer.


The sun is setting behind Tenerife, with the characteristic volcano Teide looms above the clouds. Roque Nublo in the foreground.


Pro tip: Do not ask people to look into the camera.


Fredrik getting ready for a jump


Torbjørn - 25 of 365