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20200104 - The day we visited all the subway stations in Oslo

My son Fredrik travels by subway to school every day together with my daughter Eva and me. They only stay on for a few stops, so Fredrik feels that he does not get enough time to get into the subway flow before he and Eva need to disembark. So he formed an idea: Let us visit all the subway stations in Oslo in one day, so that we may get into the subway flow properly.

fredriktartbane trip black and white

We got up at half past 5 in the morning. We drove to the Kolsås subway station to jump on the very first departure at 06:14 only to discover that I had forgotten my iPhone at home. It contained our tickets, and our only means to be online for publishing live updates and photos from our expedition. We drove back home, fetched my phone, drove back, and we were again ready to begin our journey. First subway departure : 07:14.

As the day progressed, our posts on Twitter were picked up by Ruter and Sporveien T-banen, which in turn tipped off the largest newspaper in Norway, Aftenposten. They wrote a piece about us here.

Some stats:
There are 101 different subway stations in operation in Oslo at the moment. Eight of them are end stations. Six of the stations are passed by all the five different lines. Have a look at the map here. Sporveien sent us this nice link with lots of information about each of the 101 stations.

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