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20170629 - Corsica - Day 5

Traveling back to Isula Rossa via the north tip of Cap Corse.

corsica architecture black and white

Back in Isula Rossa. We went for a walk by the beach in the evening to move around a little, after a day in one the road.

corsica landscape trees flowers tilt and shift panorama

I brought the Novoflex Balpro Tilt and Shift Bellows with a Schneider Kreuznach 90mm mounted in it. It is super amazingly sharp, and a lot of fun to use. By stitching 5 vertical photos together I get large 60-70 megapixel files.

corsica landscape trees forest tilt and shift

In the panoramas I use mostly the shift movement of the bellows. In this photo you can see how the tilt-movement affects the plane of focus. The olive tree in the right of the picture is in focus, and the focus plane travels through the big tree and all the way up to the mountain and then on to infinity, and beyond.

corsica flowers macro

The Novoflex has a very long focus range. Can be used for macro, as well as for astro photography. In this phot I could have used a smaller f-stop to get more depth of focus. The biggest aperture on this lens is 4.5.

panorama corsica landscape ocean clouds tilt and shift print

The northern most part of Corsica. You can see all the way to Italy from here. I even think we could see some of the alps in my binoculars.

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