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20170628 - Corsica - Day 4

Another expedition! We decided to explore the northern part of the island, so we booked a room at a brewery/farm for one night.

corsica landscape

The landscape on Corsica is lovely.

fredrik corsica black and white pro tip

We stopped for lunch in the beautiful town of Saint Florent. Stocked up on supplies on the local supermarket and headed for for the east side of the island, over the mountains. Pro tip : to get unusual expressions on people faces, carefully shout their name just before you take the picture :) It doesn't always work out well though..

corsia landscape clouds mountains

The mountains just north of Saint Florent had some spectacular shapes. Would love to stay longer to catch some more dramatic light.

corsica sara fredrik eva black and white

The car we rented, a Renault, had lots of space for the kids in the back.

corsica landscape

Passing over the middle of the island, heading down to Bastia, and then further up the coast nearer our goal.

corsica eva sara fredrik beach ocean clouds

This is a beach called Marine de Pietracorbara. After a bit of fresh air, we drove up to our lodgings for the night : Les chambers de la Distillerie.

corsica ocean black and white eva clouds

Eva, running around as usual.

corsica weather clouds trees wind

A storm is coming.

corsica trees forest road

The forest around our hotel for the night has lots of cork trees. The kind of tree that produces the cork for wine bottles. I've never seen them before.

corsica trees farm goat

The distillery/hotel/restaurant is also a dairy farm where they produce traditional Corsican goats cheese.

ocean rainbow corsica sara sunset

Sara relaxing in the fresh ocean spray.. It's hard work getting some nice instagram photos.

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