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20170627 - Corsica - Day 3

Expedition day! Yay! I love driving around to get to know a place better, and of course, to take pictures. The main destination for our trip this day was Sant Antonino. One of the oldest settlements on the island. Placed on top of a hill to make it easier to defend.

corsica landscape ines fredrik sara

Stopping for a short photo opportunity on route to Sant'Antonino.

corsica landscape architecture

Towns like this are spread around all over the country side.

sant'antonino corsica church architecture

Sant'Antonino they have 3-4 churches, big and small.

sant'antonino corsica architecture eva

Eva is getting in to the "can't walk any longer" mood :)

sant'antonino corsica graveyard clouds mountains

Big clouds were rolling by, creating some nice effects as the neighbouring mountains slipped in and out of view.

sant'antonino corsica ines

Signing the guestbook at a restaurant in Sant'Antonino, where we ate wayyy to much. Yummy.

corsica landscape ocean sant'antonino

The view from the top of Sant'Antonino is wonderful. A 360 degree panorama.

corsica sant'antonino ines eva

Ines enjoying the view from the top of Sant'Antonino.

corsica sant'antonino sara

Sara relaxing in the sun at the top of Sant'Antonino.

corsica sant'antonino flowers architecture

There are almost no streets in Sant'Antonino. Only passageways like this.

corsica sant'antonino landscape sara

Sara playing around in the rocky landscape.

corsica landscape architecture graveyard pro tip

Pro Tip: The setting sun creates long shadows, adding depth and shape to a photo.

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