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20170625 - Corsica - Day 1

eva corsica

Eva preparing for some quality pool time


The Napoleon Bonaparte Hotel

corsica ines fredrik eva sara

Getting ready to check out the town we stayed in, L'Île-Rousse in French, or Isula Rossa in Corsican.

corsica isula rossa

The town center is a quite touristy place, with lots and lots of cafes, restaurants and ice-cream shops. The shops in the old part of the city have a pretty good range of clothes and other merchandise. It is a lovely town.

corsica isula rossa eva fredrik sara ines

The city square, where there quite often were festivities like concerts, or horse riding for children.

corsica isula rossa eva

We found this Eva-magnet adjacent to the city square.

corsica isula rossa

The old part of the city is especially charming. Narrow streets, without cars, and loaded with restaurants that serve everything from traditional Corsican food, to French and Italian, to Asian cuisine.

corsica isula rossa eva ines

Every now and then Eva gets the "I can't walk any longer" mood. Luckily her father (me) is a big strong viking, so she can sit on my shoulders for as long as she wants. A few minutes are enough for her to tire from not being able to run around, and so she climbs down and starts running again.

corsica isula rossa sara ines fredrik

Taking pictures with Eva on my shoulders can be a challenge, but I manage to get a shot now and then.

corsica isula rossa

This is the market place in the old part of the town. Every Wednesday it fills up with farmers and fishermen bringing their goods. And there are a lot of good. Amazing cheese, olives, spices, meat and fresh fish.

corsica isula rossa eva

Eva with regained energy is jumping around.

corsica isula rossa ocean sculpture sunset

After dinner at the hotel we went for a walk along the harbour.

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