Andreas Øverland : Photography

20170513 - My mother's 70th birthday

eva flowers

Eva loves to pick flowers, and what could be better than picking grandma's favourite flowers on her birthday.

fredrik black and white candid

Fredrik loves the old sketch Dinner for One, that is a popular tv program that runs every 23rd of December in Norway. In Germany they watch it on new years eve.

eva photographer motion black and white

Eva playing with my uncle's Lumix.

dad portrait black and white featured

Dad challenged me to shoot a better portrait with my Leica SL + Noctilux than that of my uncle's relatively cheap Lumix. Of course, this reminds me of the story about the photographer taking a portrait of Ernst Hemingway. As the photographer was setting up his camera, Hemingway asked which brand camera it was. The photographer answered some model and make, upon which Hemingway commented that it was a famous camera and that the portrait was going to be great for sure. The photographer then asked Hemingway which kind of typewriter he used. It had to be a good one, since so much of Hemingway's work is amazing. [End of story]

uncle gunnar portrait black and white candid

Less than flattering light in this candid portrait, but I just had to have one of my uncle in here. He is one of the most, perhaps THE most, informed and clever people I know.

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