Andreas Øverland : Photography

20170415 - Gran Canaria - Day 9

Another nice spot on Gran Canaria is Puerto de la Nieves. Nieves means snow, in Spanish, and this port is connected to Pico de la Nieves, with the similar name. In the old days they used to collect snow on Pico de la Nieves and drag it down to Puerto de la Nieves. From there it would be shipped out to places that needed fresh water.

fredrik gran canaria portrait black and white

Fredrik, having eaten lunch, enjoys a tasty little snack for dessert.

eva gran canaria black and white portrait

Eva messing around with the eating utensils as always.

andreas coffee black and white portrait

Me having covfeve (Spanish for coffee. nah just kidding)

gran canaria fredrik

Fredrik, waiting for some lunch in Puerto de la Nieves.

transport landscape gran canaria

The ferry terminal at Puerto de la Nieves. You can take the ferry to Tenerife from here, and possibly other islands.

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