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20170413 - Gran Canaria - Day 7

One of the best food experiences we have is when we go to Martell in Santa Brigida, Gran Canaria. We try to visit there every time we are on the island. After a nice lunch, we headed for Cruz de Tejeda, then up to Pico de la Nieves for a wonderful sunset. Then we drove down via Fataga to Maspalomas.

gran canaria eva ines landscape flowers

Santa Brigida is not far away from Cruz de Tejeda, which is a mountain pass in the middle of the island where you can see down to the ocean in several directions.

gran canaria roque bentayga landscape clouds

Roque Bentayga sits majestically between Cruz de Tejeda and the south side of the island.

gran canaria roque nublo landscape

Roque Nublo and its plateau is clearly visible from Cruz de Tejeda. The scale is hard to grasp, but I think we can see som tiny pixel-people on the left side of the plateau.

gran canaria roque nublo landscape roque bentayga

From this wonderful spot there is a great panoramic view. Again we see Roque Nublo to the left and Roque Bentayga to the right. The village down in the valley is Tejeda.

gran canaria cruz de tejeda fredrik eva

Nice living room at the hotel.

gran canaria roque nublo landscape roque bentayga print

Another great panoramic spot on route from Cruz de Tejeda to Pico de la Nieves. Roque Nublo to the left and Roque Bentayga to the right. The sun is getting quite low.

gran canaria tenerife roque bentayga landscape gallery featured print

Closeup of Roque Bentayga. The landmass on the horizon is Tenerife.

gran canaria tenerife roque bentayga landscape roads print

Another closeup of Roque Bentayga. Here we se the winding roads the criss cross the island.

gran canaria fredrik ines eva landscape

We were waiting for the sun to set, so we went exploring close to Pico de la Nieves.

gran canaria sunset landscape

As the sun gets lower, these fine rays of light in the evening mist is appearing all over.

gran canaria sunset landscape

From here we can see Barranco de Fataga to the left, and all the way down to Maspalomas.

tree gran canaria

Testing the Leica Elmarit 90-280mm. It is surely a wonderful tool.

tree gran canaria sunset forest

The sun, the mountains and the forest is playing around with shadows.

trees forest sunset gran canaria

More shadow play..

sunset roque nublo gran canaria print

Getting closer to sunset. This is Roque Nublo from Pico de la Nieves.

forest gran canaria sunset trees

I love shooting with backlight. The forests on Gran Canaria are mostly all planted. The pine trees collect moisture from the clouds and supply the island with fresh water.

gran canaria mountains landscape sunset shadows gallery print

Getting ever closer to sunset. The mist is getting thicker and the shadows longer.

gran canaria mountains landscape sunset shadows print

A little sundog appears in the evening mist above the ocean.

gran canaria sunset tenerife roque nublo mountains teide featured gallery print

The sun is setting behind Tenerife, with the characteristic volcano Teide looms above the clouds. Roque Nublo in the foreground.

gran canaria long exposure night landscape print

When driving down to Maspalomas through Barranco de Fataga, I almost always stop at this view point. The Faro lighthouse is visible to the right, and the dark area just above the city lights are the sand dunes, and then the ocean.

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