Andreas Øverland : Photography

20170412 - Gran Canaria - Day 6

After a great day at the beach, I headed up into the mountains again to try to catch a good sunset. There haze was a bit thick, and there were no defined clouds that often makes for good detail and colour in the skies during sunset. Still, it was beautiful in its own way. I also got to test the astro photography capabilities of the Leica SL 90-280mm. Pretty good, but not as good as a dedicated astro photography lense or telescope.

gran canaria landscape sunset tenerife astro photography print

As the stars came out above, the lights from Tenerife appears across the ocean. You can just make out the tip of Teide, the 3700 meters high sleeping volcano, up and to the right of Roque Nublo.

gran canaria astro photography

Here is the Crab Nebula in the constellation Orion. I had to keep the exposures short, to avoid having the stars create trails. So the ISO was pretty high here.

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