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20170411 - Gran Canaria - Day 4

A little bit of everything today. Started quite early at sunrise watching surfers practice in the relative quiet ocean. After breakfast we visited the Palmitos Park. And after a few hours at the beach, I drove up into the mountains for some more photography.

surfer ocean gran canaria

A surfer practices in the low swells at sunrise.

gran canaria palmitos park animals

Palmitos Park is almost a must when visiting Gran Canaria. A bit expensive, but they have lots of animals and birds.

gran canaria palmitos park animals

The Komodo Varan/Dragon. It is surprisingly large. Getting bitten by one of these is not good. They have loads of bacteria and even a bit of poison that works over the course of two three weeks, grinding big water buffalos to their demise.

gran canaria palmitos park animals

Look at those colours!

gran canaria palmitos park animals featured

This peacock actually has colours. Wonderful.

gran canaria city night long exposure

After the Palmitos park trip with Ines and the kids , I went for a little drive up the mountains again. I love the view, and the sharp Leica lenses :)

gran canaria landscape night tenerife long exposure

One of my favourite spots on this Earth is that big rock, Roque Nublo. The city lights in the background is from Tenerife.

gran canaria city night

The capitol of Gran Canaria : Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

gran canaria night long exposure print

This spot is another great one on Gran Canaria. A little bit up towards Barranco de Fataga, they have built this viewpoint, where you can see all the way up to Pico de la Nieves and all the way down to Maspalomas.

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