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20170409 - Gran Canaria - Day 2

Today I started playing around with the Leica SL 90-280mm lense that I borrowed from Interfoto Norge. It is quite big, but handles well and feels nice on the camera. As with most things Leica produces, design is an important part of the product, so it also looks very nice on the camera :)

lighthouse gran canaria

We stayed close to Maspalomas, and this light house on Faro is a landmark. I just lifted the camera without checking the settings and shot of a single frame. It was still quite dark, being a few minutes before sun rise, so my ISO was a bit low at 100. The shutter speed was only 1/13th of a second, but still the optical image stabilising made sure that the photo stayed tack sharp even with the zoom being at 280mm. Color me impressed!

sunrise beach gran canaria print

Shooting directly at the sun is always a bit scary. A perfectly focused sun hitting the sensor chip may burn a hole right through it. So keeping the aperture small is important.

sunrise beach gran canaria

Same scene as the one above, but this time shot at 90mm.

fredrik beach gran canaria sunrise silhouette gallery print

Fredrik joined me this fine morning, and we set out to capture the sunrise together. Walking in the soft sand in his bare feet is his favourite mode of transportation on Gran Canaria.

mountains gran canaria clouds sunset

The beaches are mostly what makes people visit Gran Canaria. But the mountains are what I like the most about this island.

mountains gran canaria clouds sunset

Every time we go to Gran Canaria, I try to get a few days with driving and hiking in the mountains.

silhouette gran canaria print gallery

Selfies. Many many selfies. How many can you see being taken here?

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