Andreas Øverland : Photography

20170120 - Buena Vista Sunset

We have a place pretty close to where we live which the kids call "Utsiktspunktet". Sunrises and sunsets are lovely from here and the view in general is amazing. We can se all the way south to Drøbak.

snow trees oslo lommedalen

Oslo in the distance, with Holmenkollen as the tipped spire in the horizon in the left part of the photo.

fjord bærum oslo sunset

In the distance we can see Drøbak, which is close to the place where the Oslo Fjord is at its thinnest before it opens up again on either side.

oslo lommedalen night

A part of Oslo to the right, and a little zoom in the direction of Holmenkollen. In this photo you can make out the brightly lit Holmenkollen Park Hotel.

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