Andreas Øverland : Photography

20160901 - Svalbard - Day Two - Barentsburg

Our first expedition. We jumped on a ship that took us through the wonderful and unusual landscape to the only Russian town in Norway.

eirik svalbard sunrise

Around the spring and fall equinox, the sun is sort of always rising or setting. It is never very high above the horizon, and never very far below.

svalbard barentsburg fjord ocean clouds shadow print

Heading for Barenstburg, a russian city in Norway.

svalbard barentsburg architecture street

A lonely car drove by us. They don't bother with number plates here.

not-a-cat svalbard black and white eirik barentsburg

This is officially an arctic fox. If it was a cat, it would for a short time be the only cat on Svalbard, and it would quickly become an ex cat.

svalbard drink

There is a bar in Longyearbyen. They have an impressive amunt of different products on their shelves. For example, they have an Armagnac for from the year for any living person on the planet, and then some.

svalbard landscape mountains

These repeating rock formations are everywhere on Svalbard. Fascinating.

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