Andreas Øverland : Photography

20160831 - Svalbard - Day One - The Arrival

After a nice flight from Oslo, we landed in Longyearbyen and found or lodgings at Mary-Anns Polarrigg. Awesome place.

svalbard mountains clouds

This is the view from the restaurant at the hotel.

svalbard clouds fog

A part of the residential area in Longyearbyen.

svalbard landscape industry

The colors, even if they are quite suttle, a striking as the scenery is so vast.

svalbard panorama

A panorama of most of Longyearbyen.

svalbard mountains clouds fjord

This is what the hotel looks like from outside. It used to be the place where miners lived. But now with much of the mining gone, the barracks have been turned in to a hotel.

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